Logo on Burb

A wide range of visitors have come to Austin this cold season, and many of them now know more about Central Texas because they rode with the Texpert. Some of my clients came from Sweden, others from Philadelphia, Maryland, Dallas, the Midwest, and even Leander, Texas. Some were couples, others bus-loads.

At least three of these touring folks were new arrivals to the area or soon would be. Because each outing is customized, I’m able to answer the specific questions of my customers and cater to their individual needs. For instance, newcomers want to see more neighborhoods, local government facilities, and service centers than regular travelers do. All, however, get quite an earful about how Austin got here and what makes it this special.

In a previous entry, I told about a pair from London whom I took to the Alamo City and back. The gentleman is a full-fledged barrister of some renown in England. Imagine my surprise when I was appointed to tour another lawyer from the UK a little over a week later. What are the chances? This second fellow enjoyed a Hill Country drive, which included sweeping panoramas, wildlife, and a winery stop. Read his comments on the Texpert Tours recommendations page.

Weather has been wild these last many weeks, but even now, we’re seeing signs of impending spring. On the Capitol grounds and elsewhere, the redbuds are showing their lavender blooms. Ash trees and Spanish Oaks are also beginning to bud. These are, indeed, great days to see the Lone Star State.