In the merry month of May, most of our mindfulness merges on migrating toward the Kerrville Folk Festival. I’ve been attending since 1979, and am fortunate to lend my several talents to the fest’s fun. For instance, I lead a nature walk around the 20-acre campground every Sunday. As a radio personality, I produced and participated in several news reports and documentaries about the event. Additionally, yours truly participates in numerous workshops and seminars held throughout the year at the scenic property.

I’m also the official Kerr-tographer, having distributed to-scale paper maps of Quiet Valley Ranch since 1992. In 2005, at the behest of Javier Cortez, my artist-wife, Linda, and I collaborated on a cloth version of the chart in blue bandanna form. This “Map Kerr-Chief” sold well enough that we updated and reprinted them this year on three colors: goldenrod, natural, and yellow.

2008 QVR Map Kerr-Chief

2008 QVR Map Kerr-Chief peek

This handsomely designed item makes a great souvenir with dozens of practical uses to boot. Campers frequently draw their own setups on the fabric, and dyed-in-the-wool Kerrverts collect all hues. Folks who missed the fest can get their Kerr-Chiefs at Austin’s Work Clothes and More.