Always seeking to be a better guide, I took an epic journey to Europe this summer. In four weeks, my wife and I visited four countries: England, Scotland, Bavaria, and Austria. More remarkable than the itinerary was that this was my first trip abroad.

A Little Chocolate with Mozart

A Little Chocolate with Mozart

We went not only for pleasure, but to experience how folks conduct tourism over there. Sure, we did a few requisite touristy-type activities, but we also went forth on our own, planning days around our individualized research. Fortunately, we knew someone in both England and Munich. When you’re in a foreign place, nothing beats having the benefit of a local contact.

This was my most important take-away: for people new to Austin and Central Texas, the Texpert is the knowledgeable local, the insider, the friend who offers specific information, wise counsel, and anxiety-free fun. I’m the guy who welcomes visitors as if they’re long-lost cousins, the explorer who’s read a library’s worth of books, pored over drawers full of maps, waded all the creeks, driven every back road, stopped at each scenic overlook, and sampled the best chicken-fried steaks. With me, my clients find their time here is more efficient, less expensive, and quicker enjoyed.

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